Web clients, servers, application servers, browsers, etc.

HTTP servers: (main topic: HTTP server)

WebSocket servers: (main topic: WebSocket server)

CGI, Apache modules, Java Servlets: (main topic: CGI)

Web development frameworks: (main topic: web framework) see also webframeworkmatrix

blogs, wikis, CMS: (main topics: CMS wiki)

  • cl-eshop - cl-eshop is an e-shop/ecommerce site written in Common Lisp
  • CLEWS - Common Lisp Educational Web Server (CLEWS) is a platform for developing educational web applications, providing systems for peer-review assessments, discussion assessments, adaptive tutorials and course management
  • FastIndex - FastIndex is a Web server which manages a small online library
  • ALIW - A Lisp in Wonderland (ALIW) is a wiki software written in Common Lisp, to ease the collaboration on editable web pages
  • CLiki - CLiki is the Common Lisp wiki, a community resource about various topics pertaining to the Common Lisp programming language, as well as a directory of Free Software Common Lisp libraries, implementations, and applications
  • XL-Wiki - XL-Wiki is a fork of CL-Wiki that aims to allow applications to modify and extend its functionality in interesting ways

Blog software: (main topic: blog software)

Outputting HTML:

Parsing HTML: (main topic: HTML parser)

See also HTML for other misc HTML tools (character encoding/decoding etc.)

JavaScript: (main topic: JavaScript)

JSON: (main topic: JSON)

  • cl-grip - cl-grip is a high-level logging system for Common Lisp, focusing on a clear user interface, support for flexible structured logging, and easy extensibility for different backends to support direct logging to various inputs
  • cl-json - cl-json is a JSON parser and generator
  • CLJWT - A library for issuing and validating JSON Web Tokens
  • HT-AJAX - HT-AJAX is a small AJAX web framework for Hunchentoot web server that allows transparent calls from Javascript in web pages to the server side Lisp code
  • Jonathan - Jonathan is a fast JSON encoder/decoder
  • JSON-Lib - Decoder and encoder that maps between JSON and CL
  • json-streams - json-streams is a Common Lisp library for reading and writing JSON text
  • json-template - An implementation of JSON Template in Common Lisp
  • jsown - A fast JSON parser and generator
  • monkeylib-json - monkeylib-json is a library for reading and writing JSON
  • njson - Common Lisp JSON handling library, with the aim for convenience and brevity
  • st-json - ST-JSON is a JSON encoding and decoding library
  • YASON - YASON is a Common Lisp library for encoding and decoding data in the JSON interchange format

Stylesheet utilities: (main topic: CSS)

HTTP clients: (main topic: HTTP client)

Dealing with URIs: (main topic: URI)

Web service API interfaces: (main topic: web API)

RSS feeds: (main topic: RSS)

  • cl-rss - This package provides a Common Lisp library for fetching and parsing Remote Site Summary data via HTTP
  • cl-rss-gen - cl-rss-gen is a tiny Common Lisp library that generates RSS (RDF Site Summary)
  • RSSParser - A Web-to-RSS parser in Common Lisp
  • trivial-feed - Parse syndication feeds such as RSS and ATOM to a canonical form
  • xml-emitter - Often, programs have to generate XML output

Semantic Web: (main topic: Semantic Web)