WuWei is a toolkit for building Ajax web pages and web sites in Common Lisp. It's designed to be light-weight, a toolkit rather than a platform.

Wu wei is Chinese for "effortless doing".


  • Continuation-based AJAX user interfaces
  • Server-side DOM operations (add/remove elements, visual fades, drag and drop)
  • High-level interfaces to in-place-editing and autocomplete widgets
  • Login and session management
  • runs in multiple Common Lisp implementations (tested with Allegro, OpenMCL, SBCL).

Examples and Demos

Are at http://wuwei.name


WuWei was written primarily by Mike Travers, originally under the sponsorship of CollabRx, Inc. Some bits of it are derived from BioBike.


See instructions at source, available here: https://github.com/mtravers/wuwei.

Tags: MIT-LICENSE, web framework