Simple-routes adds quick and easy, centralized http routing to Hunchentoot.

Sample syntax

(setf simple-routes:*routeslist* (compile-routes ;;html content uris (:GET "" 'home-handler) (:GET "/people" 'people-handler) (:GET "/people/:first/:last" 'get-person-handler) (:PUT "/people/:first/:last/:description" 'put-person-handler)))

The above code-block registers the listed uris to handlers with the below function signatures.

(defun home-handler () ()) (defun people-handler () ()) (defun get-person-handler (first last) ()) (defun put-person-handler (first last description) ())


Simple-routes includes a small demo program which you can use to boostrap your web app -- it shows how to start hunchentoot, define handlers, register urls, and generate html.