How to use FastCGI from Common Lisp.

There are currently three ways to use FastCGI to serve Web applications from Common Lisp:

  • One is an FFI binding for CLISP by John Hinsdale. As of CLISP 2.31, it has become incorporated as a module.
  • Another one is a Common Lisp FastCGI library and server for CMUCL by Teemu Kalvas. As the original website is gone, the library has been archived here. This is a complete implementation of the FastCGI binary packet protocol in Lisp, from scratch.
  • SB-FastCGI is a Common Lisp FastCGI API Toolkit for SBCL, It contains a group of low-level APIs which like the C API of FastCGI, a group of fcgi-server implementations, and a high-level WSGI style interface. See
  • CL-FastCGI is a generic version of SB-FastCGI, targeting to run on mostly Common Lisp implementations. See

Note that running FastCGI doesn't require a module in Apache or other httpd. All that's needed is this useful program.