The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is an interface for running web applications as independent executables under the control of a webserver.

  • cl-modlisp - cl-modlisp is a Web library that implements a Common Lisp interface to Marc Battyani's mod_lisp apache module
  • cl-mongrel2 - cl-mongrel2 is an interface to the mongrel2 web-server
  • FastCGI - How to use FastCGI from Common Lisp
  • lisp-cgi-utils - lisp-cgi-utils is a Lisp project for developing web applications using the CGI interface
  • m2cl - An implementation of the mongrel2 API
  • mod_ecl - mod_ecl is an apache module to use lisp in the way php is used for website scripting
  • mod_lisp - mod_lisp is an Apache module to write dynamic web servers and applications