mod_ecl is an apache module to use lisp in the way php is used for website scripting.

There are various ways to use lisp as web scripting language. One solution is to use mod_proxy with hunchentoot. The other solution is to use mod_lisp with cl-modlisp. The problem with these implementations is that you can not just upload your code to the webserver and visit the link. There are additional steps required, like loading the written files manually and creating a list where you put in virtual website files and assign actions to that pages. So if you visit a link in hunchentoot, a main array with available links is searched, and the functions assigned to the link will be executed.

Therefore I wrote mod_ecl. It's a not yet finished, but working apache module in alpha stage. It uses the ECL lisp distribution to embedd lisp into apache. Therefore lisp can be used like php. There is also no need to use remote shells or file hash tables. Every .lsp file you visit is simply executed and its output is delivered to the client.

You can download mod_ecl here.