JavaScript is a popular client-side web scripting language. It has higher-order functions and is by many accounts a jolly nice scripting language.


  • CL-JavaScript is a JavaScript implementation in Common Lisp.
  • js2/semantics is a tool to generate LR(1) and LALR(1) grammars and compile and check formal semantics for JavaScript.

Generating JavaScript Code

  • Parenscript is Javascript with Lisp syntax and macros.
  • jsgen is a similar package with a more direct mapping to JavaScript.
  • parse-js is a simple ECMAScript 3 parser

Talking to JavaScript

JavaScript is also needed to implement the client-side part of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)—a Common Lisp implementation of which can be found as HT-AJAX for Hunchentoot.

If XML seems too heavy-weight one can use cl-json or st-json to directly send JSON (Java Script Object Notation).

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