Easy to learn, quick and dirty, bare-bones web framework for Common Lisp based on ningle.

A really tiny, ready-to-go micro web framework for simple, quick and dirty stuff, based on Ningle. It is ready to go, learning curve almost zero.

Not as small as Ningle and not as big as Caveman2. Ningle was too minimal, so Ninglex adds just a few functions and macros on top of Ningle, then gets you ready to go!

Ninglex is only about defining your routes and your route handlers. Starting and stopping the server. The rest is left to your control.

Underlying Ninglex is Eitaro Fukamachi's Clack & Lack, which allows different servers, so your app can be hosted using Hunchentoot Wookie, etc. What this means is that there's something that you want to do with Ninglex and you don't know how to do, you can do it by glancing at Clack and Lack's documentation.


web framework