Pinot is a web framework as well as some content management functionality built on that framework. It's written in ANSI Common Lisp, requires CMUCL, Apache, and mod_lisp, and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is installed in several locations, personal and commercial.

Most recent development has been on the content functionality (e.g., links, articles, file libraries). It's quite rough, but you can successfully create content through Web forms. Authentication is even rougher currently but there are plans for a lot of proper security features (decoupling identity from authentication, privilege escalation, fine-grained access control, and more) built on the current foundation of the authentication framework.

License: GPL


Evaluation, 20100901

A very brief assessment of all web frameworks listed in cliki was carried out in September 2010. This assessment comprised: check websites, download source if available, attempt to compile, review documentation.

The review found that there were four pages of documentation written in 2004; Pinot does not seem to be actively promoted even by its author.