Hyde 1 is a static web site generator written in ECL (Embedded Common Lisp), with no dependencies on external systems, except CL-PPCRE. Easy to deploy standalone executables are provided for users convenience.

Lisp Hyde is an overall remake of Ruby Jekyll, featuring a Lispy syntax for the HTML code and providing some non-invasive syntax-checking of HTML code.

Full HTML modularization, including templates and layouts are achieved through the use if a simple include tag.

The integrated webserver is used to generate and test HTML pages on the fly. Requesting an HTML file causes it to be re-generated if the corresponding Lisp file (same name) is newer. Requesting a directory updates all HTML files inside this directory and its sub directories which need to be updated, except in places excluded by configuration. Dependencies amongst Lisp files are automatically tracked by Hyde.

This project targets all webmasters and even those with little programming experience would benefit from using Lisp instead of HTML, without loosing any of the HTML features. Any editor can be used to author web pages.

For advanced users, and unlike Jekyll, the full power of Common Lisp is available to the purpose of static HTML5 generation. It is just standard CL code you embed into Lisp HTML code, without any need to develop separate plugins or to have to know and adhere to programmatic interfaces.

As an example, here is the full source code of a simple HTML5 homepage written in Lisp HTML.

I am looking for other developers to help me. The project is yours too. Feel free to join this effort to bring Lisp to the masses.

1 © 2012 by insane programmer Antonio Bonifati and 1886 by striking writer Robert Louis Stevenson.

HTML generator, GPL3, web framework