GPL3 is a modification of the GPL2 license (not to be confused with the LGPL).

The main difference between GPL2 and 3 is that GPL3 explicitly addresses software patents, DMCA (and similar legislation that makes it illegal to break DRM) and "Tivoisation" (according to the FSF page, this pertains to hardware limitations placed on specific types of otherwise general purpose computers).

GPL3 projects

  • Antiweb - Antiweb is an event-based HTTP server that can support a high number of persistent connections in very small memory footprints
  • CLEWS - Common Lisp Educational Web Server (CLEWS) is a platform for developing educational web applications, providing systems for peer-review assessments, discussion assessments, adaptive tutorials and course management
  • defstar - Defstar is a collection of Common Lisp macros that can be used in place of defun, defmethod, defgeneric, defvar, defparameter, flet, labels, let* and lambda
  • LENS - Lisp Educational Network Simulator (LENS) provides a Common Lisp environment for network simulations
  • shtookovina - Шτookωвiнα is designed to be useful for learners of foreign languages