Planet of the Feebs
Planet of the Feebs is a simulation Game loosely based on the "Maze War" game developed by Steve Colley and Greg Thompson at the NASA Ames Research Center in California 1974. Programs written by the player control creatures that move around a maze and try to zap one another. The game runs under CMUCL and requires CLX. Since it relies on the CMUCL event management facilities, porting it to other Common Lisp implementations requires some work.

Planet of the Feebs was originally developed at the beginning of the nineties[?] by Scott Falhman, Skef Wholey and others at Carnegie-Mellon University, and it was placed in the public domain. In 1998 Fred Gilham modified the graphics routines to work with X11. This version is now included with CMUCL src under the "src/contrib/games/feebs" directory.

Note: The documentation of Planet of the Feebs erroneously credits Xerox PARC researchers for "Maze War". Actually this game was was first written for the Imlac PDS-1 at the abovementioned location, then taken to MIT by Greg Thompson, where it was rewritten for the Xerox Alto and subsequently sent to Xerox PARC.

See also a The Feebs War, a new project based on Planet of the Feebs.