The Feebs War
The Game The Feebs War is a new project based on Planet of the Feebs, with the intent to improve it, giving better support for lisp newbies and enhancing the features provided. The base idea of both projects is that the player must create a behavior function for a creature, called feeb, to survive inside a maze. In this maze the creature can find food or other feebs that kill each other.

Source code of Planet of the Feebs was used for the creation of The Feebs War. It has been changed to an object-oriented approach, and now it is possible modify or add new rules by creating methods for some basic functions.

The Feebs War has no graphics yet but is intended to run using lispbuilder-sdl library. The text-based version can be downloaded from the project home page. The source code and documentation can be browsed online. There is PDF documentation.