Database-related software; RDBMS glue, OO databases, etc. Anything that helps manage state across multiple Lisp sessions is eligible.

Relational and SQL database projects: (main topic: SQL)

ORM libraries: (main topic: ORM)

CLOS OO databases: (main topic: ObjectStore)

Structured storage/NOSQL projects: (main topic: StructuredStorage)

Simple serialization: (main topic: serialization)

  • cl-conspack - cl-conspack is a Common Lisp implementation of CONSPACK
  • cl-marshal - Simple and fast marshalling of all kinds of Lisp data structures
  • cl-serializer - cl-serializer reads and writes a graph of objects into a byte stream or vector
  • cl-store - cl-store serializes and deserializes Common Lisp objects to and from streams
  • cl-swap-file - Swap file is a fixed block size storage library implemented in Common Lisp
  • cl-walker - cl-walker implements an sexp → CLOS AST tree transformation (and vice versa)
  • CLLIB - CLLIB is a varied collection of Common lisp tools and routines in CLOCC
  • clos-diff - clos-diff is a library to create and apply diffs of CLOS objects in a compact representation
  • save-object - save-object is a library for object serialization
  • Storable Functions - Storable Functions implements transformations of functions (including closures) from and to CLOS instances of some specific classes
  • userial - A Common Lisp library for serializing to binary buffers