Database-related software; RDBMS glue, OO databases, etc. Anything that helps manage state across multiple Lisp sessions is eligible.

Relational and SQL database projects: (main topic: SQL)

ORM libraries: (main topic: ORM)

  • cl-perec - cl-perec is a CLOS ORM based on cl-rdbms
  • CLSQL - CLSQL is a Database interface that can access a number of different SQL database engines
  • CLSQL-ORM - CLSQL-ORM is an library to generate clsql view-classes from existing databases, by introspecting on the "information_schema" of the running database
  • Mito - An ORM for Common Lisp with migrations, relationships and PostgreSQL support
  • Submarine - Submarine is a Common Lisp library that's somewhere between a PostgreSQL library and an object persistence system
  • YstokSQL - YstokSQL is a Common Lisp library for interfacing relational Database via ODBC

CLOS OO databases: (main topic: ObjectStore)

Structured storage/NOSQL projects: (main topic: StructuredStorage)

Simple serialization: (main topic: serialization)