SST (SQL Schema Transformer) is a Common Lisp program that transforms an s-expression based database schema format medium into appropriate SQL commands for specified RDBMS. SST is capable of

  • Dividing produced queries into logically separate (schemas, tables, primary keys, foreign keys, indexes) files.
  • Customized (and extendable) identifier formatters. (You can adopt a naming scheme you prefer to name tables, indexes, etc.)
  • FOREIGN KEY data type mismatch detection.
  • Invalid FOREIGN KEY reference detection.
  • Missing index detection for ON DELETE/UPDATE CASCADE references.
  • FOREIGN KEY reference auto-completion. (You don't need to supply column of the referenced table. SST infers it for you.)
Project is released under BSD license and currently maintained by Volkan YAZICI.

See README file further details.

s-exp syntax