CLLIB is a varied collection of Common lisp tools and routines in CLOCC.


  • "guess the animal" game; simple neural net (AI)
  • autoload function and snarfing autoloads from other files
  • basic definitions: package and path
  • base64 encoding and decoding (data format)
  • Rolodex: BBDB/vCard handling
  • check values and types of the elements of a list
  • Common Lisp HyperSpec access
  • read/write CLOS objects (serialization)
  • read/write comma-separated values
  • CVS diff and log parsing (version control)
  • data analysis and visualization
  • date/time
  • dated lists
  • answer questions automatically; requires metering.lisp
  • Load and run Emacs-Lisp ELisp code in Common Lisp
  • read/write lists etc
  • Financial functions: mortgage calculations, Luhn algorithm, Black-Scholes, Solow (mathematics)
  • geography, weather, etc (units)
  • command line option processing - for Lisp scripting
  • Gnuplot interface (plotting)
  • GetQuote - stock quotes over the Internet.
  • query the financial data from MFFAIS and FINVIZ
  • parsing C headers (FFI)
  • HTML parser via text-stream
  • HTML generator
  • portable inspector (2 frontends: TTY and an HTML broser)
  • iterate across multidimensional arrays
  • print a hardcopy
  • lift (ROC) curve analysis
  • list utilities
  • time elapsed, messages etc
  • arithmetics, permutations, statistics, geometry and more mathematics
  • linear algebra operations (solving linear equations, inversion)
  • print hash tables, packages, characters etc
  • Munkres' Assignment Algorithm (AKA "Hungarian Algorithm")
  • Naive Bayesian classifier
  • Read ocaml sexp files
  • interact with octave - the GNU MatLab
  • fontify the prompt in an xterm
  • Random Number Generator (by Raymond Toy) for various non-trivial distributions (statistics)
  • RPM handling (download etc) - a better rpmwatcher
  • REPL over a socket
  • with-collect and some simple stuff
  • operate on sorted lists (map, reduce etc)
  • multidimensional statistics
  • string splitting
  • symbol concatenation
  • comma and friends for format ~//
  • XML parsing


License: GPL

Topics: utilities language extension