Lisp libraries for working with times, dates, formatting, calendars, ...

  • chronicity - Chronicity is a Common Lisp library for parsing natural language date and time strings
  • cl-cron - cl-cron is a simple cron like library that allows you to set up cron-like jobs and run them at predetermined times
  • cl-period - cl-period allows one to express and check time periods in a terse but readable way
  • CLLIB - CLLIB is a varied collection of Common lisp tools and routines in CLOCC
  • cluck - Cluck is a Common Lisp library written by Kevin Rosenberg for assisting in configuring timers on microcontroller chips
  • Date-Calc - Date-Calc aims to be a port of the Perl Date::Calc time-handling library
  • de.setf.utility - de setf utility is a collection of Common Lisp utilities functions and several purpose-specific libraries
  • jd-time-utils - jd-time-utils is a Common Lisp library for computing time and parsing time strings outside the Lisp UT range of 1900-01-01 onward, using Julian Days internally
  • local-time - local-time is a library for manipulating date and time information in a semi-standard manner
  • net-telent-date - net-telent-date consists of the time parsing routines from CMUCL and a universal-time to RFC 822 date converter
  • princ-ut-interval - princ-ut-interval prints time durations in human readable format
  • rfc3339-timestamp - A library to decode and encode timestamps according to RFC3339
  • rw-ut - rw-ut reads and writes lisp universal times as ISO-8601 strings
  • vseloved-date-utils - date-utils is a library for handling dates in a PLIST format, like (:year 2009 :day 1 :month 3)
  • Ystok-Local-Time - Ystok-Local-Time is a library for for representing and handling time zones, dates, and timestamps