LGPL refers to GNU Library General Public License, also known as the Lesser General Public License.

This is a license commonly used with GNU projects such as GNOME on things like libraries. Software using this license is DFSG-free.

The LGPL permits you to link the libraries to "non-free" software without forcing that software to be released under the GPL or LGPL.

As is common with most canned licenses, the LGPL uses terminology more appropriate for a program written in C than one written in Lisp. The AllegroServe project have written a preamble to the LGPL that clarifies the terms for use with Lisp programs - this is often referred to as the LLGPL. The LLGPL also drops at least the LGPL (v 2.1)'s section 6(a) requirement for application relinkability.

LGPL-Licensed Packages