alimenta is a RSS/Atom parsing and generating library. The library implements most of the elements in the RSS and Atom specs and handles feed discovery, feed type detection and feed pulling as well as feed generation. It is also fairly easy to extend by subclassing the appropriate classes and specializing the generic functions %to-feed, make-item, %get-items and generate-xml.

Other RSS libraries

  • cl-rss - This package provides a Common Lisp library for fetching and parsing Remote Site Summary data via HTTP
  • cl-rss-gen - cl-rss-gen is a tiny Common Lisp library that generates RSS (RDF Site Summary)
  • RSSParser - A Web-to-RSS parser in Common Lisp
  • trivial-feed - Parse syndication feeds such as RSS and ATOM to a canonical form
  • xml-emitter - Often, programs have to generate XML output