cl-rss-gen is a tiny Common Lisp library that generates RSS (RDF Site Summary). It's released under the LGPL license. It's capable of generating RSS items directly from any CLOS class instances by mapping each slot to specific RSS tag (you just specify which slots map to which tags).

The code is hosted on GitHub (

cl-rss-gen depends on cl-who by Edi Weitz, and thanks to him cl-rss-gen is so short. You should load cl-who by your favorite package manager before loading cl-rss-gen. It's (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'cl-who) for ASDF, and (ql:quickload :cl-who) for Quicklisp.

cl-rss-gen is in draft stage. I needed and couldn't find such functionality, so wrote my own. I suggest looking at the code (it's really tiny) before using it.

Anyway, for simple needs cl-rss-gen already works. Feel free to send suggestions. corrections, patches and bug-fixes to I will add your name to this page if the changes get incorporated (very likely so).

This library is written by Luka Ramishvili (, in the hope that it will be useful.