Pyffi, inspired by Python-on-Lisp, is a Python programming language FFI for Common Lisp. So far tested with SBCL 1.0 and CLISP 2.41 (and python 2.5.1c1) on Ubuntu 7.04 (i386 and PowerPC). Included is a Lisp rewrite of PyUNO Hello, world.

Start OpenOffice with soffice "-accept=socket,host=localhost,port=2002;urp;" and create new text document before testing.

Piffy will evolve along with CL-UNO (my non-existent-yet library for office automation). And maybe CORBA-UNO bridge will appear this way.

..please document better or say it isn't for general use.. No readme, only .asd files say who you are, or what the license is, no exported symbols, no documentation strings. (The code looks good though)

..Thanks for the good words! Please consider this (unfinished) code public domain. Author.

License: LGPL

Source repository: