Code that helps with networking. Protocols, clients, servers, etc. For web (HTTP) specific software, see the web topic. See also the distributed topic.

Dealing with email: (main topic: email)

Libraries specific to MIME: (main topic: MIME)

Dealing with URIs: (main topic: URI)

Messaging: (main topic: messaging)

Wire formats: (main topic: wire format)

  • ASN.1 - Abstract Syntax Notation #1, the Common Lisp implementation and language mapping
  • cl-marshal - Simple and fast marshalling of all kinds of Lisp data structures
  • cl-protobufs - CL-PROTOBUFS is a library to use Google Protocol Buffers in Common Lisp, originally written by Scott McKay at ITA by Google
  • cl-stomp - cl-stomp is an implementation of STOMP (Streaming Text Orientated Messaging Protocol)
  • de.setf.thrift - de.setf.thrift is a binding for the Apache Thrift framework for scalable cross-language services development
  • S-PROTOBUF - S-PROTOBUF is a library to encode data in the Google Protocol Buffers wire format
  • Swank - Swank is distributed as part of SLIME
  • userial - A Common Lisp library for serializing to binary buffers

IRC clients and bots: (main topic: IRC)

  • beirc - beirc is a CLIM IRC client application using the cl-irc library as a backend, initially written by Gilbert Baumann, now maintained by Dave Murray and others
  • Birch - Birch is a simple IRC client library
  • cl-irc - cl-irc is an IRC library written in Common Lisp
  • Colleen - Colleen is yet another IRC chat bot framework
  • IRC Quotes - Some moments from IRC, preserved for posterity, some humorous
  • irc-logger - irc-logger is a networking library written by Kevin Rosenberg which uses the cl-irc library to provide multichannel Internet Relay Chat (IRC) logging
  • Lisp IRC Bots - There are several IRC bots written in Lisp
  • lispcafe - #lispcafe on
  • lisppaste - lisppaste sits on a webserver and users can paste text into it
  • Maiden - Maiden is a collection of systems to help you build applications and libraries that interact with chat servers
  • minion - minion is an IRC robot (who prefers the term "electronically composed.") For online help, try /msg minion help
  • trivial-irc - trivial-irc is a small IRC library that provides only very basic facilities for communicating with IRC servers, and has no facilities for extensions like DCC, CTCP etc
  • WeirdIRC - WeirdIRC is a simple IRC client using CLIM
  • X-Chat Common Lisp Plugin - The X-Chat Common Lisp plugin is a plugin for X-Chat version 2 and up (the famous IRC client) that allows you to use Common Lisp scripts to control X-Chat behaviour