Etiquette is a networking protocol construction framework.

The project's goal is to build a framework for rapid design of network communication code. Etiquette interaction protocols will capture communication occuring in networked applications along with error-handling and security monitoring code. Etiquette provides debugging facilities (tracing and single-stepping the protocols, with fine-grained control over the reported details).

Features implemented:

  • First-class interaction protocols
  • Support for legacy protocols
  • Basic error handling
  • Debugging facilities
  • TCP/IP communication transport


  • Protocol encapsulation
  • Explicit protocol looping syntax
  • Sophisticated recovery policies
  • Built-in security hazard reporting

Etiquette is written in Common Lisp. The project is written in modular and object-oriented fashion. The SourceForge project page is here. The author is Eugene Zaikonnikov.