CL-TELNETD is a CL telnet networking server. It currently is designed for use with SBCL and its native thread support on Linux/x86, however it could be ported to other platforms. CL-TELNETD aims to implement as many of the TELNET protocol extensions as is possible and practical.

CL-TELNETD will implement Dan Bernstein's Q Method of option negotiation, widely perceived to be the Right Way of getting TELNET options to work even if the client is a moronic implementation such as Windows Telnet. Not all options will be implemented, particularly those which seem to have no useful purpose on the modern network, e.g. SPX Authentication and Extended ASCII Option. Initially no effort will be expended on implementing the plethora of authentication and encryption options, since there are other products such as SSH which have largely supplanted the use of TELNET for this purpose.


License: Public Domain

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