CL-DTYPE is a Common Lisp library implementing the DType networking protocol, introduced by MIT Media Labs.

From FramerD: Representing knowledge in the large by K. Haase: Dtypes are designed to provide an external representation for these internal structures and must support:

  • 1. Fast conversion from external format to internal structures
  • 2. Compact representation (in terms of disk space and bandwidth requirements)
  • 3. Portability between C, C++, LISP, and Scheme (at least)
  • 4. Lightweight state-free parsing and production

Currently it is an early (0.0.1) release, still incomplete: float works incorrectly, compilation on CMUCL fails (SBCL is fine).

You can download it here.

CL-DTYPE author is Yurii Rashkovskii with significant help of Victor Sovetov.

License: BSD

July 19, 2003. New version will be released soon (bugfixes, DTYPE clean up)
Sep 10, 2003. That new version is still in development for code cleanup, multiversion DTYPE support and bugfixes again.