PLOKAMI is a libpcap/winpcap interface.

SUPPORTED Realtime network packet capture, packet injection, PCAP dumpfile reading/writing, filtering with BPF, timeouts and operation in non-blocking mode.

TODO There is functionality in recent libpcap versions that can be used to control the size of the internal pcap buffer.

This should be wrapped and offered to lisp, patches are also needed for Windows interface and address lookups and gettimeofday-equivalent for saving packets when timing information does not exist.

Email me at xristos (AT) sdf (DOT) lonestar (DOT) org if you have anything to contribute.

PLATFORMS Tested on: SBCL (darwin/linux), OpenMCL, LispWorks (windows/darwin). Should work on every platform that CFFI supports.

INSTALL Get latest version from github or use Quicklisp.


Topics: networking