UDP networking patch for USOCKET.

NOTE: USOCKET 0.5.0 has merged almost all code in USOCKET-UDP except the "Reliable UDP" part.

Start from release 1.3 (2008-7-23), we support portable UDP server.

Current supported platforms

  • LispWorks (depends on LispWorks-UDP by the same author)
  • SBCL
  • Clozure CL (aka OpenMCL)
  • Allegro CL (start from usocket-udp 1.1)
  • Scieneer CL (start from usocket-udp 2.3, need a udp-patch from SCL maintainer)


Last release of USOCKET-UDP is 2.6 (usocket-udp_2.6.tar.gz) on Sep 24, 2010.


socket-connect/udp (host port &key stream element-type local-address local-port)

socket-send ((socket datagram-usocket) buffer length &key address port)

socket-receive ((socket datagram-usocket) buffer length &key)

socket-server (host port function &optional arguments
                          &key (element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
                                    (timeout 1) (max-buffer-size 65536))

Contact Chun Tian (binghe) if you need any help on this package.