de setf amqp is a native Common Lisp Advanced Message Queuing Protocol client.

The implementation comprises wire-level codecs, implementations for the standard protocol objects and methods, a functional interface for message-, stream- and object-based I/O, and a device-level simple-stream implementation.

The library targets the revisions of the published AMQP protocol as of versions 0.8, 0.9, and 0.10. For each version, a distinct package comprises the object and method definitions for protocol entities and codecs as generated from the respective specification documents. Each collection is a complete projection, which means there is some amount of duplication. The names - classes, operators, packages, and directories follow more-or-less the naming conventions of the protocol documents.

For more information, see the repository

License: AGPL (aka Affero GPL, GPL version 3)

Topics: Distributed messaging