cl-net-snmp is an SNMP library for Common Lisp.

Project page on, and SourceForge.

Contact Chun Tian (binghe) if you need any help on using this package.

Latest source code is on GitHub.


ironclad, usocket


* SNMP: core SNMP package

* LispWorks-UDP: UDP networking for LispWorks (merged into usocket 0.5)

* Usocket-UDP: UDP patch for USOCKET (merged into usocket 0.5)

* ASN.1: Standalone ASN.1 utility and compiler (merged into snmp 6.0)

Release History

* [2011-3-19] SNMP 6.0 (include ASN.1)

* [2008-11-16] SNMP_5.19, ASN.1_4.14, USOCKET-UDP_2.4

* [2008-10-28] SNMP_5.16, ASN.1_4.12, USOCKET-UDP_2.3

* [2008-9-24] SNMP_5.5, ASN.1_4.5, LispWorks-UDP_3.2, USOCKET-UDP_2.2

* [2008-9-8] SNMP_5.0, ASN.1_4.0, LispWorks-UDP_3.1, USOCKET-UDP_2.1

* [2008-7-21] SNMP_3.0, ASN.1_2.3, LispWorks-UDP_2.1, USOCKET-UDP_1.2

Topics: networking