Projects that let C and Common Lisp interoperate.

For information about calling C libraries from Common Lisp code, see FFI.

To compile C code to Common Lisp, look at Vacietis.

All pages in the C topic:

  • c-amplify - c-amplify is an s-exp syntax for writing C code
  • CLiCC - CLiCC is a Common Lisp to C Compiler, last released 1995
  • cparse - cparse is a C header file parser for building FFIs
  • Gelisp - Gelisp is an opensource, efficient, high-level API wrapping the Generic Constraints Development Environment (GECODE) for Common Lisp
  • SC Language - Tasuku Hiraishi's SC is an s-exp syntax (Scheme-like) for writing C code, implemented in Common Lisp
  • ThinLisp - ThinLisp is a Common Lisp implementation that translates a subset of Common Lisp to very efficient C code
  • Vacietis - Vacietis is a C compiler for Common Lisp systems
  • Zeta-C - The ZetaLisp C compiler, now in public domain

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