Closure HTML is a portable HTML parsing library that understands malformed HTML.

This project is asdf-installable (release tarball below) and available in clbuild (git version).

Original author: Gilbert Baumann

Current maintainer: David Lichteblau

Depends on: closure-common, flexi-streams


License: MIT

Feature overview

  • Supports HTML 4 and understands malformed HTML.
  • Serialization implemented using an event API called HAX, inspired by SAX.
  • Can be used with XML representations designed for cxml
In-memory representations that can be used with Closure HTML:

Relation to Closure XML

chtml is an error-correcting HTML parser; cxml an XML parser.


chtml is short for Closure HTML, in reference to the Closure web browser it was originally written for.

Note that the Closure web browser is not related to the Clozure implementation of Common Lisp and works on various Common Lisp implementations.