Closure is a free web browser written completely in Common Lisp.

Info Project name: Closure

Author: Gilbert Baumann

Categories: web, HTTP client, MIT


Download (tarball):


Download (cvs co -d):


This project doesn't provide a release tarball and is not asdf-installable.

It is, however, available in clbuild (CVS version).


Feature overview

  • GUI is based on CLIM - primarily developed using McCLIM. (Support for images is limited to the CLIM-CLX backend for X11-only at this point.)
  • Supports HTML 4, using closure-html
  • CSS 1 support (support for CSS 2 not complete)
  • Released under an MIT-style licence
  • known to run, as of December 2006, on SBCL 1.0 and CMUCL 19d (probably also OpenMCL).


Note that Closure is not related to the Clozure implementation of Common Lisp and works on various Common Lisp implementations.