Lucerne is a web framework for Common Lisp, built on Clack. As of 2022-03-03 it is not available on Quicklisp.


  • Built on Clack - Lucerne is built on Clack, an HTTP abstraction which allows it to switch between underlying servers. This ensures your app is not bound to a particular server stack.
  • Inspired by Flask - Flask is a small and flexible web framework for Python, and Lucerne borrows most of its design concepts from it.
  • Django-like Templates - Lucerne uses Djula, a clone of the Django template engine.
  • Easy to Set Up - Lucerne includes a project skeleton generator, which takes care of setting up the structure of a basic application so you can start coding right away.
  • Built-in Web Debugger - Lucerne comes with clack-errors, to make debugging server-side errors in development easier.

License: MIT