CL-TUMBLR provides a simple interface to Tumblr's API.

Here's some example code:

;; Set the tumblr URI (setf cl-tumblr:*tumblr-uri* "") ;; Grab the 30 latest regular items (defvar *reg-items* (cl-tumblr:get-items :start 0 :num 30 :type "regular")) ;; Collect the titles (mapcar (lambda (x) (cl-tumblr:item-data x "title")) *reg-items*) ;; Get the 10 latest items (defvar *items* (cl-tumblr:get-items :num 10)) ;; Collect the types of the items (mapcar #'cl-tumblr:item-type *items*) ;; Collect the URIs for items (mapcar (lambda (x) (cl-tumblr:item-metadata x "url")) *items*) ;; Fetch a specific item (cl-tumblr:get-item 2044201)

It was written by Matt Revelle and can be found at It has only been tested on SBCL.

Requires S-XML and Drakma.

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