dwim dot hu is the homepage of four Hungarian lispers who started a lisp company, hosting all their opensource projects. Until now their paying projects are only web based business applications written in Common Lisp using opensource components only.

We have something like what people call an application server in other languages. In Lisp it's more like a bunch of libraries implementing various aspects of what application servers do in other languages.

The dwim.hu site itself is running an instance of the codebase, and provides a detailed install script on how to start a local copy of the site.

We are devoted to opensource, so all our libraries are freely available at dwim.hu darcsweb.

Assorted list of features and/or libraries available:

  • web framework and HTTP server(hu.dwim.web-server and hu.dwim.presentation)
  • Common Lisp partial evaluator
  • sql database connectivity (Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite; it's called hu.dwim.rdbms)
  • CLOS based Object Relational Mapper (hu.dwim.perec)
  • call/cc implementation (hu.dwim.delico)
  • Common Lisp code walker
  • constraint based change propagation (hu.dwim.computed-class; a rewrite of cells)
  • interactive test framework (hu.dwim.stefil)
  • object serializer
  • ...