Core-Server is a web framework and application server. It heavily uses higher order functions, composable data streams and continuations. These features allow developers to develop applications in fewer lines of code. Fewer lines of code leads to easy maintanence and rapid development.

Key Features:

  • Able to use higher order functions, continuations
  • Able to build domain specific language
  • Rapid development in fewer lines of code
  • Easy maintanence
  • Built in Prevalence in-memory database (1000x faster than SQL)
  • Component/ Web framework ready for Web 2.0 (No more serializing, deserializing or RPC)
  • Built-in support for Dojo Toolkit for building interactive UI's
  • Built-in support for FCKeditor
  • Full RFC implementations - 822, 2046, 2109, 2388, 2396, 2616, 2617 (no more protocol bugs)
  • Runs on Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL)
  • Easy linux installer for Gentoo, Ubuntu, Debian and Pardus
  • Able to control several unix services like:
    • Apache Web Server
    • Postfix Email Server
    • TinyDNS Server
  • Suitable for virtual hosting, can be run behind Apache or can serve directly
  • Javascript render library, write in lisp and core-server will serve it as javascript
  • HTML parser and render library
  • RSS parser and render library
  • CSS render library
  • Even HTML can be transformed into javascript to run inside a browser!
and more...