CL-MediaWiki is a wrapper in Common Lisp around the media wiki web API.

CL-MediaWiki can be found at its new github location: Any questions, bug reports, or comments should be added as issue on the github issue tracker.


 ;; Gets the content of page "Pigment" from wikipedia
 (with-mediawiki ("")
    (get-page-content "Pigment"))

 ;; Gets the content of page "Pigment" from a private mediawiki that requires authentication
 (with-mediawiki ((make-instance 'mediawiki
				 :url ""
				 :auth (list "user" "pass")))
    (get-page-content "Pigment"))

 ;; Sets the content of page "Pigment" to be "This is the new content"
 (with-mediawiki (...)
    (set-page-content "Pigment" "This is the new content"))

 ;; Get the ids, user, and size of the last 10 revisions 
 (with-mediawiki ("")
    (get-revisions "Pigment" :rvprop "ids|user|size" :rvlimit 10))

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