AccelerationNet is a company that has released open source common lisp libraries. This page simply exists to link all these libraries together. These libraries are hosted from our github page

  • a-cl-logger - A common lisp logging library providing context sensitive logging of more than just strings to more than just local files / output streams
  • access - Access is a library to ease getting and setting values in nested dictionary-like objects by providing a unified interface to hash-tables, clos-objects, plists and alists
  • Buildnode - Buildnode is a libary to ease interaction with CXML:DOM XML documents and nodes
  • cl-cidr-notation - cl-cidr-notation is a library for converting IP addresses and CIDR blocks from integer to string representations and vice versa
  • cl-creditcard - cl-creditcard & cl-authorize-net: A common lisp library to enable processing credit card payments
  • CL-CSV - CL-CSV is a library to parse and write csv (comma-separated-values) files
  • cl-inflector - cl-inflector is a branch of vana-inflector to make it more standard and loadable / testable
  • CL-MediaWiki - CL-MediaWiki is a wrapper in Common Lisp around the media wiki web API
  • CLSQL-helper - CLSQL-helper is an library of utilities to make interacting with clsql easier
  • CLSQL-ORM - CLSQL-ORM is an library to generate clsql view-classes from existing databases, by introspecting on the "information_schema" of the running database
  • collectors - collectors is a common lisp library that aims to ease accumulating values (similar to loop/iter's collecting / appending clauses)
  • CSS-Selectors - CSS-selectors is an XML query language for finding specific nodes in cxml
  • data-table - data-table is a library providing a data structure that has rows of data and column names and types (ie database results)
  • function-cache - Function-cache is a Common Lisp function caching / memoization library
  • generators - Generators is a library that provides python style generators in common lisp, by using cl-cont delimited continuations
  • group-by - Group-by is a Common Lisp library to help group data into trees (of various formats) based on common/shared values
  • lisp-unit2 - Lisp-unit2 is a major refactoring of the Common Lisp Test Framework lisp-unit
  • Symbol-Munger - Symbol-Munger is a small library that provides functionality to ease conversion between the same symbol in different environments
  • TALCL - TALCL is a templating library that implements XML templates and HTML templates

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