A common lisp library to easily pluralize and singularize English words.


Example Usage:

> (use-package :vana-inflector) > (let ((dollars 1.7) (users 34) (purchases 1)) (format nil "The site has ~D ~A, with a total of ~D ~A and $~D ~A" users (pluralize users "user") purchases (pluralize purchases "purchase") dollars (pluralize dollars "dollar"))) "The site has 34 users, with a total of 1 purchase and $1.7 dollars"

Basic Usage, plural-of and singular-of:

> (plural-of "octopus") "octopuses" > (plural-of "datum") "data" > (singular-of "children") "child" > (singular-of "cats") "cat" > (singular-of "data") "datum"

Basic Usage, pluralize:

> (pluralize 2 "virus") "viri" > (pluralize 1 "virus") "virus"

vana-inflector CL source code.

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