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CLiki is a Common Lisp wiki hosted by The Common Lisp Foundation. CLiki contains resources for learning about and using the programming language Common Lisp, and information about DFSG-compliant free software implemented in Common Lisp.

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Free Software Lisp Libraries (Don't forget to check out the current recommended libraries list)

Some things don't really fit anywhere in the current structure, so are presently uncategorized. There are also listings of all articles and articles that have been deleted.

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The site is maintained using CLiki. CLiki is a collaborative web authoring system modeled on Ward Cunningham's WikiWikiWeb, the original Wiki. It welcomes your contributions - please see the CLiki Content, CLiki Style, and Text Formatting guidelines for more information.

For any testing of CLiki and its editing features, please use the CLiki Sandbox.

See Keeping up with CLiki on information about following changes to CLiki articles using news feeds.

To report problems in using CLiki, see CLiki Bugs. No software is perfect.

Spam Reversion

Sometimes spammers edit CLiki pages in a futile hope to boost their Google ranking (I don't know why, it doesn't help). See the Spam Reversion page for details on reverting it.