s-exp syntax
S-exp syntax is a topic for programs that let you translate s-expressions to other grammars. Things that let you write C with s-exps qualify, as do many markup libraries. Some markup libraries with a lot of implementations, like HTML generators, get their own topic, and shouldn't use this one.

  • AWK Lisp - AWK Lisp is a A Common Lisp interpreter implemented in Awk and written by Roger Rohrbach
  • c-amplify - c-amplify is an s-exp syntax for writing C code
  • C-Mera - C-Mera is a very simple source-to-source compiler that utilizes Lisp's macro system for meta programming of C-like languages
  • cl-larval - S-Exp syntax to write assembler for AVR microcontrollers
  • css-lite - css-lite is a library for generating CSS from an s-exp syntax
  • lfe - LFE, Lisp Flavoured Erlang, is a lisp s-exp syntax front-end to the Erlang compiler
  • LinJ - Linj is a Common Lisp-like language that tries to be as similar to
  • Liskell - Liskell is a s-exp syntax for Haskell
  • ltd - ltd is a Common Lisp to Dylan translator
  • Meta - A recursive-descent parser DSL that is a simpler alternative to parser generators
  • NPG - NPG is a Na├»ve Parser Generator
  • parenscript - Parenscript is a translator from an extended subset of Common Lisp to JavaScript
  • PLisp - PLisp is an s-exp syntax for generating PostScript files
  • readable - readable adds additional abbreviations in the sexp reader; supports infix, optional standard function call notation, optional indentation
  • SC Language - Tasuku Hiraishi's SC is an s-exp syntax (Scheme-like) for writing C code, implemented in Common Lisp
  • sml - S-expression-based markup language
  • sst - SST (SQL Schema Transformer) is a Common Lisp program that transforms an s-expression based database schema format medium into appropriate SQL commands for specified RDBMS
  • SxQL - An SQL generator for Common Lisp