Things dealing with time, date, weight, currency, etc. and validation.

  • Acclimation - This project is meant to provide tools for internationalizing Common
  • Antik - A library for computational mathematics, science, and engineering
  • Chemboy - Chemboy is an application to do basic chemistry calculations
  • cl-ana - cl-ana aims to provide the basic tools necessary to analyze large/medium-large datasets
  • cl-iso3166 - cl-iso3166 is a country units library providing data from ISO 3166 : Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions
  • cl-iso4217 - cl-iso4217 is a currency units library providing data from ISO 4217 : Codes for the representation of currencies and funds
  • cl-weather-util - Weather utilities for Common Lisp
  • CLLIB - CLLIB is a varied collection of Common lisp tools and routines in CLOCC
  • currensea - currensea is a currency conversion library based on AllegroServe
  • iso-2533 - Library providing data from ISO 2533:1975 International Standard Atmosphere
  • Measures - The Measures Package provides dimensioned numbers (i.e
  • physical-quantities - A library for processing physical quantities: values, units, (and uncertainty)
  • simple-currency - Simple-currency is a small library for converting between currencies using the public foreign exchange information posted daily by the European Central Bank
  • unit-conversion - units is an extensive measuring unit (time/weight/distance/etc and many other physical units) conversion library
  • unit-formula - unit-formula is a library for units conversions and defining formulas with automated unit consistency checking and conversions

Times and dates: (main topic: time)

Validation: (main topic: validation)