system programming
Libraries having to do with system programming - memory management, timers, system calls, etc. Anything to do with implementation or OS specifics also belongs here.

Tools for working with filesystem interfaces: (main topic: filesystem)

  • cl-fswatch - Wrapper for fswatch, a cross-platform file change monitor
  • cl-fuse - CL-FUSE provides Common Lisp bindings for FUSE (file system in user space)
  • clufs - Common Lisp User Space File System
  • query-fs - Query-FS is a FUSE-based filesystem that presents database queries as filesystem trees

Tools for dealing with assembler/machine code: (main topic: machine code)

Tools for working with embedded systems (Arduino, etc.): (main topic: embedded)

  • Apple II archaeology - Apple II archaeology is a collection of Lisp code useful for Apple II retrocomputing
  • Arduino Lisp - Arduino Lisp is a compiler from a subset of Common Lisp to the subset of C++ used by the Arduino C++ compiler
  • arduino-experiments - arduino-experiments is a library for interfacing to the Arduino embedded computer via serial I/O from Lisp
  • cl-larval - S-Exp syntax to write assembler for AVR microcontrollers
  • cluck - Cluck is a Common Lisp library written by Kevin Rosenberg for assisting in configuring timers on microcontroller chips
  • common-db - common-db is a programmable debugging substrate, mostly geared to driving target devices by establishing control via on-chip debugging machinery through a JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) external port
  • uLisp - uLisp is an embedded Lisp for microcontrollers, supporting Arduino, Adafruit M0/M4, Micro:bit, ESP8266/32, and RISC-V boards