Allocate SIMPLE-ARRAYs in static memory.

Depends on: alexandria, cffi


License: MIT

A few use notes

CAVEAT: On some implementations, the GC takes care of deallocating the arrays, while on others they need to be deallocated explicitly; therefore, in order to make sure that deallocation works on all implementations, you must use FREE-STATIC-VECTOR and make sure that all references to the array are destroyed.

Furthermore, you can only allocate simple-arrays - not arrays of element-type T and not multidimensional arrays. For use in the latter case, you can displace a multidimensional array to a simple-array of element-type.

This library is especially useful in cases when you need to share an array with a C/C++/Fortran library, as long as the allocation is done on the Lisp side: e.g. as buffer for an I/O stream, et cætera...

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