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  • Case sensitivity - FAQ: Is Common Lisp really case-sensitive?
  • comp.lang.lisp - Everybody's favourite newsgroup: comp.lang.lisp (news:comp.lang.lisp) is an excellent place to get help with a programming problem, but if you ask about an obvious homework problem you'll be unmercifully chided, or helped in ways your teacher will least expect
  • Creating Executables - Most Common Lisp implementations support creating native-format executable files
  • directory listing - FAQ: How do I list the contents of a directory? How do I tell if a pathname is a file or directory?
  • Lisp newbie - Where do I start?
  • Naming conventions - Some symbol naming conventions, distilled from CLHS, the Lisp FAQ, and comp.lang.lisp
  • Nasal Demons - An euphemism for