Everybody's favourite newsgroup: comp.lang.lisp (news:comp.lang.lisp) is an excellent place to get help with a programming problem, but if you ask about an obvious homework problem you'll be unmercifully chided, or helped in ways your teacher will least expect.

Since Google Groups occasionally bans comp.lang.lisp (on account of spam), it might be nice to have a more reliable archive for reference purposes. So here's an attempt. It's generated from Ron Garret's archive file, with one HTML page per complete thread. (Note that the thread structure is incomplete, due to gaps in the archive.) What's done, not done, and would be nice:

  • Time zones adjusted to UTC since it simplifies some things.
  • Windows-1252 and quoted-printable (but no Base64 yet).
  • spam.log records the message IDs of suppressed articles.
  • Respects X-No-Archive (not a common header in comp.lang.lisp).
  • Expand the archive?—Which currently extends halfway into 2009.
  • Search functionality might be nice/naughty to have—eventually.