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Building from Scratch

Has anyone tried to build Cliki2 from scratch recently?

I can't get it to build with SBCL (1.3.17) on Ubuntu or Windows.


Perhaps I am an idiot.



et etc etc stuff stuff stuff


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ASIA (ASDF2 Software Installation Assistant) is a trivial Common Lisp project installer. It acts like an ASDF2 extension and installs the projects without dependencies. Dependency analysis is done by ASDF2.

It's written by Desmond O. Chang and released under MIT License.

The source code is on Github.

Do HTML < entities still fuck up cliki? No, they don't. < > are rendered as normal characters. Writing π is as easy as &amp;pi;

It supports logging to several destinations at once, via "messengers", each of which can be tailored on-the-fly to accept some log messages and reject others; very rapid processing of messages which are rejected by all messengers; support for messengers which do or do not care to invoke cl:format. Use cl-log to record random objects instead of plain text, to generate internationalized log messages, or to create specialized binary logs.

Table experiment: as soon as I use <code> or <pre>, the alignment of the table (from Fibonacci)is destroyed.

Python Lisp Ruby Javascript
Python code will be hard to read without correct indentation (let ((a 0)
(b 1))
(defun fib ()
a (psetf a b
b (+ a b)))))
def make_fib()
a = 0; b = 1
lambda {
v = a
a, b = b, a + b
var fib;
function (){
var a=0;
var b=1;
fib=function (){
return a;

Note that line breaks inside code tags were ignored (as of 2012-12-10), on 2022-09-18 it is working - Roland Kaufmann

(let ((a 0) (b 1)) (defun fib () (prog1 a (psetf a b b (+ a b)))))