Bioinformatics packages:

  • BioBike - The BioBike system is a bioinformatics programming language embedded in an integrated biological knowledge-base, all accessible through the web
  • CL SBML - CL-SBML is a bioinformatics library for working with the Systems Biology Markup Language
  • cl-bio - Lightweight versions of biological objects and methods on these objects, including sequences, ranges, descriptors, identifiers; also, file parsers
  • CL-DNA - CL-DNA is a bioinformatics library to handle and manipulate genetic data
  • cl-genomic - A portable Common Lisp library for processing genomic data, including DNA, RNA and amino-acid sequences, and the biological relationships between them
  • CL-GODB - CL-GODB is an interface to the Gene Ontology Database
  • CLCB - The Common Lisp Computational Biology (CLCB) package aims to be a comprehensive, flexible and easy to use library for bioinformatics and computational biology