Beauty is only skin-deep, but it's a start.

Criteria for links from this page:

  • Application must be substantially written in or for use with CL
  • Screenshot must be visually attractive
  • Application must be free

For each entry, include the app name, a CLiki link or URL to more information, and the license. Thumbnails can be added as inline images if they're less than about 20k

Acclaim is a presentation application:

cells-gtk is a framework for GUI development

eclipse is a window manager:

Maxima is the GPLed computer based algebra system

WeirdIRC is a IRC client that uses CLIM. Several screenshots are shown on its home page (page not found!)

Closure is a GPLed Web browser

Garnet is a user interface development environment

GRT Raytracer is a ray tracing graphics program.

lgtk is an experimental set of bindings for the GTK library:

ltk is a Graphics Toolkit:

McCLIM is a free implementation of the Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM) and has a screen shots page of numerous clients built with McCLIM.

Plot-2D is a 2-dimensional data representation and plotting package for Garnet

CL-SDL is Common Lisp interface to the SDL graphics library and OpenGL.

Jabberwocky is a Common Lisp IDE